Best Telugu movies you can watch n number of times: Krishna and his leela

Krishna is leela is a romantic comedy triangle love story! This is another kind of story that telugu individuals never found in any other film, It’s a three-sided romantic tale. It is a standout amongst other telugu pictures. The comedy will simply leave you astounded and the circumstances for the main characters consistently prompts humor and the sentiment between the lead is fabulously planned and acted. It is a delightful film that gives you encounters towards affection when offered to two ladies. You must watch this movie for its fun and romantic moves. You watch watch Krishna and its leela movie online happily on Aha!


It’s a story of Krishna who gets dumped by Satya! He tries to move on in life and starts looking for girls. He falls in love withRadha, who is very pretty and completely committed to krisha. They are from the same college Radha is Krishna’s junior. They spent a pretty good time together, and beautiful moments were at hand. Suddenly Krishan gets a job in Bangalore and has to move from the city. They agreed to do long distance, they wished it to work out. After Krishna comes, he sees his ex-girlfriend Satya. Firstly they feel awkward and later they become very close like before. They fall in love again. They get all romantic in bed and move forward in life. Here is the actual twist he loves both of them, Krishna is not able to figure out to whom to love. He cheats both of them with lies. He goes on a long trip to know what he wants in life and how he can be happy in love. The story comes to an end with a beautiful twist, so do watch it to know the end.

Best Telugu movies you can watch n number of times: Krishna and his leela


Technical Assets:

  • The greatness of this film is the screenplay, it just goes with a stream and you won’t feel like it’s a fight.
  • Storyline of this film is essentially shocking! A wonderful kind of sentimental story that causes it entertaining to work the end without a break!
  • Dialogues, the punch are basically heavenly, the laughing, the emotions it endeavors to work in the film is so worthy which makes you watch it again.
  • Music is love! Music expects an incredibly huge part to appreciate the film better.

Artist Performance:

  • SidduJonnalagadda showed his best self in this film. His acting is truly clear and extraordinary.
  • Seerat Kapoor is known for some chill characters, she has presumably the best character in this film. With such a wide perspective and a wide mind, she basically gets everything.
  • ShaliniVaddikatti and Shraddha Srinath’s acting is obviously good. Their character was apt for them. It was good to see them on screen.

Cast and Crew:

Actors: SidduJonnalagadda

Actress: ShaliniVadnikatti, Shraddha Srinath, Seerat Kapoor.

Other characters: SamyukthaHornad, Sampath Raj, Jhansi.

Director: Ravikanthperepu

Producer: Rana Daggubati

Music director: SricharanPakala

Other Details:

Runtime: 2 hours 5 minutes

Release date: 25 June 2020

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

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