Essential Telugu Comedy Movies To Watch Now

Comedy movies never fail to bring a smile, even in the direst of situations. This previous year we have faced one of the worst pandemics in history. It spun the whole world in an unbreakable web of misery and agony with seemingly no way out. People got caged up in their houses. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, it became a dull environment for most people. So people started finding different ways to pass their time doing all sorts of new things. But after a while, they got bored of doing those things. But one of the things that have kept people entertained was movies. Though it was a bit difficult for people not to watch movies on the big screens, the revolutionary idea of OTT brought those movies to their home screens. The Global and Local OTT platforms experienced a surge in viewership. Not only did people stream new films which got released on these platforms, but people also were able to stream classics and their favourite movies. And the game-changer for the Telugu Movie industry was the emergence of the local streaming platform Aha. With people demanding to stream more of Telugu Blockbusters, The aha came as a boon as it streamed only Telugu content. From a wide range of genres available on the streaming platform, the most popular one was Comedy. Not only did people stream the new films, but they also took the nostalgic ride and watched movies from the previous years. And two of the most popular Comedy films being streamed on Aha are Bell Bottom and Husharu.

Bell Bottom

Written by Dayanand T. K, this crime-comedy got released in Kannada and later got dubbed in Telugu. The film got directed by Jayatheertha. The cinematography by Aravind Kashyap was fantastic. B. Ajaneesh Loknath has done well as a music composer.

The film got released on 15 February 2019 and has a running time of 130 minutes. The story set in the 80s follows the life of Diwakar(Risabh Shetty), a police constable. He has grown up watching detective films and reading mystery novels. He always wanted to become a detective, but he had to stick to the police profession due to his Father, Anappa (Achyut Kumar). After solving a murder case within a month, he becomes famous, and he is assigned to solve a robbery in the neighbourhood. And next, we are taken on a fun and exciting ride.


This Telugu Language Comedy-Drama film was written and directed by Sree Harsha Konuganti. Sunny M.R., Radhan, and Varikuppala Yadagiri composed the music for the film. Raj Thota was the cinematographer of the movie.

The story explores the different sides of friendship. It follows four engineering graduates who are clueless about what comes next in their lives. They enjoy living their lives daily with each other’s company. But life is always not the upward trope, and this film explores that side of recovery as well but in a humorous way.

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